Charles + Cindy = C2 Photography

People would describe us as pretty easy going in attitude, but perfectionists while we work.  We look for viewpoints not normally shot.  Every shot is meticulously looked at and made to look its best. We believe in efficiency but would never sacrifice quality. We promise to make sure we catch all the little details you spent so much time in preparing. This includes the stuff you can’t prepare for, the  emotions, laughter, mishaps, and just plain fun!

As artists we look for unique interesting viewpoints. We also try to incorporate artistic elements like color, environment, emotion, and mood into your photographs.

We enjoy the company of others, and love to be around people of different backgrounds, cultures, and philosophies. Every culture has something beautiful to offer. To be able to experience and capture them is very fufilling and fun!

We would love to share our passion for photography and art with you!!!