C2 is a product of love, creativity, and positivity. My wife, Cindy (2nd half of C2, now retired since the birth of our son)  and I started seriously pursuing photography shortly after our own wedding. The imagery our photographer captured, really got us excited about becoming wedding photographers ourselves.

I’ve always been an artist and what an amazing journey it has been. I can still remember my drawings of helicopters that look like ice cream cones when I was a child. In High School I was always being referred to for any art projects. In College I earned my chops as a designer and web artist. I also did a alot of production / business art after that working for companies and freelance. As an artist / photographer, I will try to incorporate all that I've learned including creativity, colors, light, shadows, and movement into my photos. I will also take the utmost care in post processing photos, too make sure that I get the most potential out of them.

I’ve been doing this over 8 years and still find that there is a great deal to learn and capture. It’s such a high to take in everyone’s positive energy during a wedding day. I rarely find it stressful, I love the unexpected, and love to produce in the craziest situations =). It’s very satisfying to photograph a couple at their wedding, and then to work with them later when their family has grown.

Please don’t be fooled my someone who has only a couple of years of experience and fancy cameras. There are no shortcuts in photography =). There is so much more to being a photographer than using a fancy camera. It’s about directing people when needed, producing in any environment, understanding my clients needs. I understand that in order to create beautiful imagery, I must also create a relaxed environment. I accomplish this by engaging in meaningful conversations and paying attention to the smallest of details. My preference is to create photos that are natural looking, genuine, creative, and heartfelt.

I enjoy working with people from diverse backgrounds and history. Experiencing different types of weddings is incredibly satisfying. You’ll never see an award or accolade on this website. My reward is the satisfaction you feel from viewing your photos, sharing them with your friends, and seeing you later for future work!!

When I’m not taking photographs, I enjoy hanging out with my family, and chasing my son around. If I’m not doing that, I’m probably looking for a place to fish, or dreaming about it =).

- Charles