Who am I?

I’m a positive, open minded person, with a lot of experience in different roles.
A Jack of all Trades and a master of some.
I have a passion for photography, illustration, and design. I’ve made a living out of 2/3, which isn’t so bad.

Sci Fi movies make me smile, as do my family. I enjoy a good online game every now and then.
If you tell a funny joke, I’ll most likely laugh.. Ask me to go fishing, and I will!

Where did I come from?

My life began in the beautiful state of Hawaii. Being a military brat I’ve lived in a lot of places. One of the most memorable was living in Germany for a couple of years. I learned to love a good bratwurst and schnitzel. I have yet to find either here of comparable quality! Living in many different places has taught me how to adapt and overcome the many challenges moving presented. It’s also made me more open minded and taught me to cherish the connections I’ve made through the years.

I’ve always loved all things art, I can remember the first thing I ever drew. It was a helicopter, it probably looked more like an ice cream cone to most. Through the years, I’ve learned to wear many hats to try to feed my passion for art, and my family. I went to a local Art School where I learned how to create 3D characters for games, graphic design, and photography. From there I went to an awesome internship at the Mediaplant in Seattle where I learned some awesome Adobe skills.

I’ve been in a variety of roles, such as production artist, freelance graphic designer, and professional photographer. I’ve done non art related jobs like, administrative coordinator, customer service. However my peers would recognize my creative talents and I would end up creating websites, newsletters, logos, taking photos, creating training PowerPoint programs, etc.